The French newspaper Le Monde makes available the data of the Map of Forever Pollution.

You can download the dataset used to develop the map here. It includes geolocation coordinates for each site. However, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) has been working on refining the data to improve their reusability. A more comprehensive dataset including additional information such as all available PFAS sampling values beyond the six PFAS displayed on the map, is online here. We strongly recommend using this version of the dataset for research purposes.

You can also get our methodology here

The data is freely reusable, as long as you cite the Forever Pollution Project and this webpage, and inform us at horel[@]

For any questions about the data and the dataset, please contact lucmartinon[@] and horel[@]

If you have used our data or reporting, please let us know so we can record the outcome here.

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